Social project "Clean Hands"

Relevance of the project:
According to UNICEF, every day from diarrhea and infectious diseases, which are also called "disease of dirty hands" about 5,000 children in the world die. Half of these deaths could be avoided if people wash their hands with soap and water. Handwashing gives wide protection, and works better thenthe spot vaccination.
According to the concept of the Fund it is much more expedient and more economical to take care of any problems in advance and prevent it’s occurrence. Above mentioned gave the need for a social project "Clean Hands".

The purpose of the project:
Attract children to participate in the change of habits, to show them how just hand washing with soap and water helps to effectively fight against hepatitis , dysentery, scabies, SARS and other "diseases of dirty hands".

Main tasks:
- to improve children’s image about the importance of hygiene;
- to develop the ability independently detect the need for hand washing and proper hand washin practices;
- to raise the accuracy, neatness, and the need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

learning objectives:
- to inform children about the consequences of the lack of hygiene
- teach children to make a sequence of actions (hand washing) by the algorithm;

Correction of the problem:
- develop psychomotor functions: fine motor skills, thinking, attention;
- develop a common language skills: pronunciation of the dual workflow.

Educational objectives:
- securing personal hygiene habits in children's lives;
- to educate the ability to work in groups;
- to raise the ability of attentive listening and the realization of the correct hand washing algorithm.

Stages of the project:
Phase I (preparatory):
- purchase and installation of necessary equipment for school toilets; 
- development and production of information booklets, posters, stickers, teaching materials.
Phase II: social survey "How do you wash your hands?" with children in the school.
Phase III: interactive  lectures for children "Clean Hands".
Phase IV: creative competition of thematic posters, pictures, presentations, poetry, essays etc. on the subject "Know more about clean hands".
Phase V: Summary, rewarding the best authors.

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