Practical psychologist, health basics teacher of school №2 Lilia Semenova

In spring of 2015 the children of Kahovka school №2 were given the opportunity to participate in a new social project “Clean Hands” It was organized by Charitable Foundation “Know More” (founded by entrepreneur Igor Hominets). It has now become a vital necessity to focus the attention of today's children on the topics of personal hygiene. The number of cases of infectious diseases transmitted by dirty hands is increasing in our region. Therefore, the more children are aware of the causes and consequences of such diseases, the better. The talented manager of social projects Yuliia Kompaniets has prepared and carried out a series of informative, interactive sessions on clean hands for elementary school students, teenagers and high school students. The program included a great selection of videos about germs, meeting with amusing characters - Doctor Aibolit (volunteer Artem Dudik) and monkey Chico, as well as various forms of work, chosen with meaning, age-appropriate and not allowing children to be distracted even for a second. There were discussions about the rules of personal hygiene, educational cards on how to wash your hands properly, art technologies, games with the elements of psychological gymnastics, work in small groups, exercises for the development of logic, memory, attention and sensory perception. After the event we announced a creative contest for the best picture, a poem or a video clip on the topic of “Know more about cleanness of hands”, our children participated in it very actively. They listened to and watched all that they were told and shown very carefully and with interest. The main idea the guests managed to convey to the children was that our health and the health of our families depends on how clean our hands are. It should be noted that participants of this class started washing their hands with soap and water more often, and therefore the number of diseases among school students has significantly decreased. We are looking forward to new meetings with the creative team of the Charitable Foundation “Know More!” in 2015/16 academic year and wish them successful implementation of new socially significant and useful projects!

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