Activity of the Foundation

“KNOW MORE!” - charitable Foundation was founded in early 2015 by a businessman Igor Hominets.
The desire to take responsibility for the future of the younger generation and to move from words to action, namely to prevent, protect against trouble, help overcome confusion, to open up and develop personality became the main motive for creation of the Foundation.
Modern generation requires development, skills and ability to live in the society, remaining an individual!
To know more means to act today for a better tomorrow!

The Foundation's mission:
- to invest in projects and programs of all-round development of children and adolescents;
- to form correct life values and a healthy lifestyle;
- to cultivate innovative thinking;
- to motivate desire to beincreased social activity.

- carrying out preventive, educational and explanatory work in various spheres of children’s life (health, culture, art, sports, leisure, psychology);
- organizing and conducting all kinds of events and activities, promoting the most active participants;
-involvement of volunteers.

“KNOW MORE!” is an independent charitable Foundation without any political and religious platform.

                                        We are completely open to new ideas and are always ready to cooperate!

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