Children of kindergarten „Veselka” have known more about safety on the road

14th September representatives of Igor Hominets’ Fund „KNOW MORE!” and students of school 6 came to kindergarten 3 „Veselka”. Within the limits of social project „Safety on the Road” they made a useful educational event about the importance of complying to the rules of road traffic.

Pupils of school 6 Maria Yefimenko and Veronika Pivovarova asked the kids riddles, made fun activity, played games, presented interesting, instructive cartoon about safe behaviour on the road. Pupils of groups 1 and 7 („Fiksyky” and „Rozumnyky”) showed their knowledge of the road traffic rules. This kindergarten has got a specialized room „Town Svitloforsk” where teachers in the form of a game practice road safety with children by modelling certain road situations. Julia Kompaniec from Fund „KNOW MORE!” presented little connoisseurs of the road traffic with light reflectors – special safety equipment for pedestrians and bright cards „English Alphabet”. Parents and teachers of kindergarten „Veselka” thanked guests and noted, that such educational activities can save live and health of our children!