Khutor Terny – tragic page in the history of Kakhovka area

On September 15 by initiative of Igor Khominets Charitable Foundation «KNOW MORE!» a memorial event «Khutor Terny» was held. More than 50 residents of Kakhovka came to the memorial dedicated to those killed during the Second World War, during the occupation of Kakhovka, to honor the memory of Jews who became victims of the Holocaust and were shot mercilessly at Khutor Terny, near the village of Malokakhovka.

On this day on a hill, surrounded by farmlands, where the memorial sign is located, schoolchildren and teachers of Kakhovka schools, residents of Malokakhovka, representatives of Kakhovka and Nova Kakhovka Jewish communities and all those who are not indifferent to tragedy of the past came together. Host of the event and manager of Igor Khominets Foundation «KNOW MORE» Yulia Kompaniets said that landlord Nizel was the owner of Khutor Terny in late XIX early ХХ centuries. He was an intelligent man and took care of the beauty of his land. He had a nice house there in which his family lived. He built a well 40 meters deep, so his family would drink pure spring water. But 76 years ago terrible events took place here that significantly changed people's idea about the limits of cruelty, neglect, hatred... This place became a grave for thousands of residents of Kakhovka, civilians of Jewish nationality during the occupation by German Nazis in 1941. During occupation of Kakhovka, the Nazis shot civilians of Jewish nationality several times. September 7 - 60 people, September 16 - 1000 people, September 25 -750 people. The curator of Kakhovka Jewish community, Anna Seniv, and the former principal of secondary school # 2, Vasily Shcherbina, also spoke in front of the audience. On behalf of Christian Church "Great Commission" the minister Oleg Tatarsky presented a painting to the Jewish community with a prayer of blessing in Hebrew and Ukrainian, the day before the event church representatives cleaned the adjacent territory and the monument. All the speakers wanted one thing - peaceful sky, which on that day was incredibly clear and transparent, and the wind tried to dispel painful memories.

Everybody present honored the memory of innocent people who died on this spot with a minute of silence, lit candles and laid flowers. P.S. Read more about the memorial event in the next issue of "Kakhovskie Novosti" and "Kakhovski zori".