More than 500 citizens competed fot the Mayor Cup

On May 10 Kakhovka turned into a big running track and into a region sports capital at the same time. At the initiative of Igor Khominets Fund „KNOW MORE!” and support of the town mayor Andrii Diachenko there was held the second run for the Mayor Cup „Wake Up And RUN!”. Igor Khominets and Andrii Diachenko fulfilled their last year promise to held the run annually and to revive sports in Kakhovka.

This year the runtracks were planned in the way that let any one take part: skilled sprinters, adults, youngsters and disabled people. The citizens could compete in 5 km, 3 km, 1 km and 500 m distances. The participants pionted out that the routs were more considered and convenient. „The organizers took into consideration all shortcomings of the previous year and helt a high-level event. The volunteers worked perfectly – the runners had enough water. And no other call-down”, said Oleg Baturin,the journalist.
How everithing was:
At 8:30 the particitants registration started in the central square – volunteers gave starter packs with the company t-shirt, numder, mileage map and recomendations. Then the fitness instructor of the GRAND Club Susan Golub warmed up the sportsmen.
During the spare time before the run everyone could entertain himself. The youngerst played with the animators – Seamen, older ones took the line to body-art masters and photographed friends. Also MIRADANCE Studio and GRAND-DANCERS presented hot programmes. The emcees Karolina Medkova and Aleksander Moshensky.
At 9:45 mayor Andrii Diachenko, people deputee Sergey Hlan and head of the „KNOW MORE!” fund Igor Khominets greeted the contestants. They wished easy run and reminded that victory is not the main goal. Then a 5 km run started, where with a stunning record result in 16 min 35 sec Dmitry Miahkov, a sportsman from Oleshky, wan. Tatiana Kravchenko, also wrom Oleshky, came first among women in this distance. In 3 and 1 km races Nikita Zadorozhny (11 min 15 sec) and Nina Tabunshchik (14 min 5 sec) from Kakhovka wan. 1 km distance (children under 15) was overcome by Anastasia Fedchenko (2 min 48 sec) and Maxim Grek (2 min 39 sec) from Kakhovka.
Then it was turn for the youngerst 500 m sprinters (children under 10) Bohdan Matkovsky and Diana Shlykova from Kakhovka were the winners. Among disabled people Eugen Adamenko and Larisa Vekhova were the fasterst. A good result was shown by the organizer of the event Igor Khominets. He overcame 5 km in 22 minutes. Mayor Andrii Diachenko traditionnaly took part in the run . He let several girls go first and wan the aplause in the stands.
After the race an outdoor shower, water and fans support were waiting for every sportsman. The small citizens got sweest, juice, fruit and ice-cream.
After the final whistle all the winners were presented with prizes from the general sponsor, Fund „KNOW MORE!”: smartphones, tablets,sport backpacks. The youngerst participants got developing presents – 3D puzzles and creative kits.
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