Training on media literacy

On June 14, Kakhovka city executive committee hosted a training called “Media literacy and the role of critical thinking” for the city's youth. The manager of Igor Khominets Foundation “KNOW MORE!”, Yuliia Kompaniets, was the coach. Organizationally, it was supported by the Department for Youth and Sports and the member of City Council on Youth Policy Olga Radionova.

The training was held to provide basic knowledge in the area of media, familiarize participants with the most common types of manipulation and propaganda and provide them with basic tools for checking information and critical thinking. The event was attended by members of the city student's parliament of high school students, trainees of departments of Kakhovka city executive committee in 2017, members of self-government of Kakhovka Lyceum of Professional Services.
During the training participants received useful knowledge and had the opportunity to communicate with each other in informal setting. During work the following topics were highlighted: how to distinguish information from propaganda, manipulation in the media as a weapon of mass destruction, media literacy (concept and application). Each participant could express their opinion on access to information and determine their media-field. Also there were very interesting creative tasks that revealed personality of each participant of the training and taught to work in a team.